Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Fantasy, Love and Healing

Intimate Chakra Healing

Lust, Laughter, Smiles and Chakra Healing

Loving, lasting relationships are so rewarding. Intimate relationships are the desire of so many. Many relationships begin with lust and laughter. Lust and laughter contributes to the longevity of a relationship.

Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Fantasy, Love and Healing

Lust, Laughter and Smiles are Healing

Lust, laughter and smiles are healing. Everyone wants to be desired. Men and Women. Women and Women. Men and Men. Everyone wants their desires to be known, heard, felt and understood. Create space and time for your intimate relationship to hold these attributes close to the heart, the mind, the soul and beyond. This is healing.

Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Fantasy, Love and HealingShare Your Fantasies

Sharing your fantasies in a loving, respectful way, can heighten sensation. Fantasies harbored with respect and held close to the heart are safe. To share them with your lover, partner, wife, husband, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend, your lustful wild dear smiling one, can be fun, fruitful, lively and entertaining. It allows you a secret entrance into the window of their psyche, their brain and their soul.

Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Fantasy, Love and Healing


How can we, or why would we, limit a lover’s fantasy world? Why would we stop or change our lovers’ fantasies? This is your dear one, the one you truly love. So go for it!  Expression and pleasure create dopamine. This neurotransmitter is advantageous to individuals and their partners. Use their dopamine to your advantage. Use your dopamine to your advantage. Dopamine is legal. There are many different fantasies. There are comfort fantasies. Walking through the daisies fantasies. Living in a big house fantasy? There are intimate and erotic fantasy. Why not acknowledge this part of your lover, in your dear one, in the one you love so much? 

Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Fantasy, Love and Healing

Lust Away, Laugh Away

Lust away. Create crazy, lustful love. And laugh. Share your fantasies (see post Fantasy #1 for simple ground rules) and enjoy devilish smiles and share knowing winks. Laugh at yourself and your fantasies. Accept your fantasies. Laugh at your partners fantasies, accepting them just as they are! Fantasy!

Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Fantasy, Love and Healing


Chakra is Sanskrit for a series of circular energy centers in and around the body. There are Chakras in the palms of the hands and on the soles of your feet and there are seven central Chakras in a line up the center of your body. There is also a Chakra just above your Aura, called the Gold Sun Chakra. Your grounding originates in your lower most central Chakra, or your first Chakra. Envision each Chakra as a forward facing disk of moving energy. Healthy central Chakras are approximately 3-5 inches in diameter. The Chakras in the hands and feet are smaller. The Gold Sun Chakra usually takes whatever size it likes.

Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Fantasy, Love and Healing

Healing Your Body

Healing your body and the Chakras during lustful, loving, amazing, intimate sex multiplies and enhances the healing process. Body healing through Chakra healing and breathing can be done during coupling, hugging, or lying together. It is POWERFUL. My dear one and I practice this when we need amplified healing. When I have a lingering, concerning ache or pain, I call my lover, my friend, my dear one over to me and ask for a Chakra balancing hug. We take the time, attention and intention to breath into our Chakras together. If we are engaged in laughing, lustful, intimate, looking into each others eyes, wild world, orgasmic encased love, we can heal each other by breathing into each others’ and our own Chakras together.

Look Into the Eyes-Windows of the Soul

Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Love and Healing by looking into each others eyes

Breath Into the Chakras

Look into each other’s eyes and breath into the First Chakra (survival) which is located just above the testicles in men and at the low center of the vagina in women. It is open and healthy. It is filled with clear, moving, sparkling ruby red energy. Both of you breathe deeply into your own First chakra, then each others. Breathe into Chakra Two (pleasure, sexuality), just below the navel. It is filled with the beautiful moving color of orange liquid energy. Your Third Chakra (self worth, self confidence) , or solar plexus, filled with sunny yellow flowing energy. The Fourth Chakra (love, joy, inner peace) or heart Chakra, centered over your sternum, is filled with vivid moving energetic emerald green. Chakra number Five (communication, self expression, truth) , located just above the depression in the throat (the manubrium), filled with clear sapphire blue energy. The Sixth Chakra (intuition, imagination, wisdom), or third eye, is located in our forehead  and is filled with clear, flowing indigo blue energy. The Seventh Chakra (spirituality, bliss) is located just above the crown of your head and is filled with moving, fluid purple violet energy. The Gold Sun Chakra is ubove your body touching the edge of your Aura. It is bright golden energy. This link will provide you with additional information on Chakras and what they represent.

Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Fantasy, Love and Healing

Breathe Into Healing Space

If there is pain and anguish breathe into and clear that area. If a vital organ hurts, breathe into it. If your head hurts breath into it. Breathe deep healing into your back or your dear ones’ back. This practice can be done for any part of the body. This practice can be done for emotions ie: fear, sorrow, over care for the welfare of others, loneliness, understanding and despair. Find joy, happiness, elation, excitement, energy, positive thoughts and send them to each other, just where they request and need it. Imagine the magnification and amplification that can be accomplished if you breath into a place that needs expansion. If the Chakra is too open, too accessible, some boundaries can be developed with partner breath. Imagine someone that loves you so deeply, so long, so dearly, so lustfully, that knows many unknown parts of you, breathes into that place! Breathe space, ease and love. Breathe kindness and openness. Breathe cleansing healing breath.

Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Fantasy, Love and Healing

Define Your Aura

Define your Aura. Know where your energy begins and ends. Have clear intention. Feel energy move and change. Use your hands to emphasize the space where the Chakra needs healing. Take your hands to the place on the body that asks for and needs healing while breathing into that space. The healing properties of touch and breath cannot be denied. They cannot be diminished. They are real and potent. They are moving and meaningful. Some of the most powerful healing is done by unseen powers. But, you can feel it. If you tune in. Define your energy, your space, your structure. Breath into it and feel it fill up, expand and heal.


Intimate Chakra Healing, Lust, Laughter, Fantasy, Love and Healing

Gift and the Basket of LOVE

Just like every other part of life the basket of love, of lust, of fantasy, of healing is only effective if there are equal parts of giving and receiving. For every breath you breathe into yourself and for every breath that you accept a truth breath from your lover, breathe that gratefulness, breathe all the love you can muster and send it to your dear one. Breathe and give breath to their Chakras. Breathe space, caring,  kindness, gentleness, energy, healing into the place they need. Look into their eyes and breathe into the place, they name, that needs healing. Breathe into the place that needs to settle, that may be too open. Share the space or area where you need healing, magnification and amplification.

Love the Earth, Love Yourself. They are Interchangeable.Share Good Vibrations With the World

Now the lust, the laughter, the smiles, the love and life will be amplified as well. You will want to share it with the world, the earth and others through kindness, appreciation, care, prosperity, abundance, thankfulness and healing.

Perfect by Yourself

With equal and due respect to those that prefer to heal their Chakras alone, all can be done with loving kindness by yourself and with yourself. So be it. 

Excellent Reference Resources and Reading

Authors Mantak Chia and Maneewan Chia. Healing Love through the Tao. Cultivating Male and Female Sexual Energy. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THESE!


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