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Jenny Sprung LMT CZB

Jenny Sprung, LMT, CZB

MA 43717

Integrative NeurosomaticTherapist

Zero Balancer

Licensed to practice in Florida 

  • Licensed Neurosomatic Therapist
  • Integrative Neurosomatic Therapist
  • Posture and Gait Analysis
  • Certified Zero Balancer
  • TMJ Dysfunction
  • Cranium, Sphenoid
  • Atlas Axis Cervical Spine
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Pelvic Floor
  • Myofascial Release
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Trigger Point Release
  • Former ACSM Personal Trainer
  • Former Group Fitness Instructor and Instructor Trainer
  • Wellness Practitioner
  • Integration of Structure and Energy
  • Listening and Observing


Best Foot Forward, Reduce Foot Pain with these simple home therapies, Foot Pain, Low Leg Pain

Simplicity, Common Sense, Listening to Your Body

Throughout the years as I studied nutrition, anatomy, wellness and pain, I have found some easy, do it yourself, options for pain relief and overall sense of well-being. By researching, learning, sharing and comparing notes and results, we can live happier, healthier and pain-free.

Promoting a Pain Free, Balanced Life

We can find relief

We can live pain-free by creating our own physical and emotional balance. The power is inside of us. We are energy and structure combined. The answers are available to many questions presented by the body.

Jenny Sprung, Treat Yourself Naturally Pain Relief, Body Balance, Promoting a Healthy Body, Balance, Wellness, Foam Roller Therapy, Nutrition

We can find balance

Structure and energy play an important role in our wellness. Our energy is a part of our structure. It is our distinct vibration. Our anatomy is part of our energy and is accessible to us. We have the innate ability to heal, many issues, ourselves.


Self Help Approach to Pain Relief

As a result of being athletically inclined and involved in sports my entire life, I have had my share of sports related injuries. This has driven me to find solutions and easy options for self-help healing therapies to deal with unwanted pain. The techniques I have formulated are efficient and effective when dealing with discomfort from injuries, postural inequities, energy depletion, overuse or repetitive use.  You can learn to administer these simple techniques and decrease your pain.

Send love, abundance, kindness, prosperity to every person every being and to the earth

Successful Personal Healing

I have accomplished successful personal healing from my injuries by using the therapies reviewed in this website supported and guided by some of the best massage therapists and zero balancers available. C onsequently it is best to search for a team of experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, caring, intelligent healers to be on your team.An integral part of my personal and professional growth can be attributed to what I have learned in collaboration, discussion, observation, research, and listening to my mentors, personal healers, clients and therapists. My greatest teachers are the amazing, intelligent patients and clients across the country.

Consciously in tune with your energy level

Stay in tune to your body and energy level. Life is challenging. Humans injure themselves. Humans injure themselves when they play sports, when they do stuff around their house and when working. Injuries occur during competition and play. For instance, rowing, cycling, walking, running, climbing, swimming, skiing, jumping, lifting, yoga and lifting can result in injury. We injure ourselves using computers and hand-held devices. The result is overuse, repetitive use, muscle strain, muscle sprain, overstretched tissue, over flexed tissue, spasms and more. Form is critical. Are we doing things with good form? Are we moving consciously with our body given our age and energy level?

Align Activity Level With What The Body Needs

Weight Lifting, Personal Training, Group Exercise Instructing, Cycling, Soccer, Softball, Rowing, Step Aerobics, Slide, Kick Boxing, Swimming are all activities I have enjoyed. Some, I still do. However, there are those I have transitioned from, due to age and my commitment to move consciously. Therefore, I strive to be in tune with what my body needs. I have fun but I also find therapeutic uses for most activities and exercises.

FOAM ROLLER WEBSITE 8Foam Rolling Techniques

One of the classes I have developed utilizes the Eva Foam Roller (see resources in right column to order!)  and the Trigger Point Therapy Rollers (see resources in right column to order!) for fascial release and trigger point pain relief. It is an excellent tool to relieve sore, tight spots; and soften “stuck” places in the body. The foam roller creates space and openness. This facilitates healing, increases range of motion and alleviates pain. The roller works wonders on hands, feet, calves and forearms. My videos are based on how to use the foam roller for various injuries and pain relief. 

 Jenny Sprung, Treat Yourself Naturally Pain Relief, Wellness, Living Well Over 40, Structure, balance, Foam Roller, Tools for Massage, Massage Tools, Foam Roller, Myofascial Release,Tennis Ball, Racquetball, Lacrosse Ball, Pinky Ball

I also advocate the use of a ball;  say a tennis ball, racquetball, lacrosse ball, laundry ball,”Pinky” Ball (see resource column to the right to order. It’s awesome!), –almost any kind of ball–to place in a specific area and to roll in a prescribed way. This will work to release fascia and reduce pain. There are several companies that have great products and I will share them with you.

Jenny Sprung Treat Yourself Naturally Pain Relief, Trigger Point, Cranium, Cervical Spine, Neck Pain, Hand Pain, Foot Pain, Foam Roller, Wellness, LIving Well Over 40, massage tools, T Bars, Massage Star


I am pleased with the success I have had utilizing the Neuromuscular Solutions T-Bars (see TBAR in resource column, to the right, to order. It is a MUST HAVE) on the occiput and cranium as well as the smaller more delicate cervical vertebrae. Used appropriately and carefully, T Bars and Tool Stones soften tissue on hands and feet, ankles and wrists. Often, I will recommend a Calf Stretcher (order one today! See resource column to the right!) to a patient working on feet and low leg issues. Using items like these at home, facilitates rapid healing and amplifies the work done with professionally trained therapists.

Treat Yourself Naturally At Home

All of these techniques can be used in conjunction with Integrative Neurosomatic Massage Therapy, Physical therapy, Zero Balancing and other alternative methods of healing. You will be empowered to treat yourself naturally at home.

Various tools, foam rollers and balls can be used on the neck and pelvic area to alleviate painful trigger points and fasciaTraining and Practical Experience

Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy;  Zero Balancing;  Kripalu Massage;  Bhakti Massage;  LaStone Therapy;  Neuromuscular Therapy;  Bach Flower Essences;   Neurosomatic Therapy including TMJ, Viscera, Atlas, Axis, Cranial Work;   Structural Therapy;  Posturology;  Gait Analysis;  Jenny Sprung’s Energy and Structure Work; Instructor at the Center For Neurosomatic Studies.
My early anatomy education as a personal trainer with American College of Sports Medicine;  compassion and passion regarding all living beings;  certification in Zero Balancing with Dr. Michele Doucette;  Neuromuscular Protocol;  Anatomy and Training with Paul St. John;  Bach Flower Training with Paul St. John;  Neurosomatic Training with Paul St. John, Randall Clark, Tracy Jones, JR Bachman, Brunella Lucchi;  Integrated Neurosomatic Training with Paul St. John, Randall Clark, Kevin Wade, Tracy Jones, Brunella Lucci, Ramona Parmantie (invaluable motivators, teachers and innovators);  Myofascial Training with John Barnes; LaStone Therapy with Jill Dew Chinnery; Kripalu Massage Training with Rebecca Kronladge and Arti; Instructing at Bhakti Academe and Bhakti Massage with Dale and Julie McNitt;  Pyramid Soul work with Imsara;  Acupuncture and conversations on theory and practice with Eva Chang, Barbara Dobron and Greg Jones; hours of research and development with Lloyd Fisher and the all-encompassing opportunity to teach Allied Modalities at the Center for Neurosomatic Studies with Randy, Paul, Kevin and Ramona. I also want to give a huge hug and big thanks out to my therapy patients, my fitness clients. The way these teachers and colleagues work, live and conduct themselves inspire me. I am grateful for their faith in me and thankful to be walking on earth at the same time.

Jenny Sprung’s Bodywork

I have developed a unique form of bodywork. It is a culmination of mutual learning, intuitive work, study and practice.  I work withstructure and energy in high regard.  I observe clients as they enter the room. I measure them, noting anatomical, structural distortions that create imbalance, pain and discomfort. I reduce or eliminate subtle proprioceptive mechanisms and fixations thus reducing imbalances, distortions, pain and discomfort. Trigger points are held and given space for energy to build and rearrange. Fascia is softened so alignment occurs naturally. A deep balance is achieved. Pain is relieved. Structure is aligned. Posture and Gait synchronized.  Each treatment is tailored to the individual. This is my principle and practice.

Zero Balancing EducationTreat Yourself Naturally

I strive to assist folks in understanding their bodies, how they work, how they can affect change, why they heal and perhaps why they don’t heal so that they may be empowered, find their potential, listen to their body and answer lovingly. so that they may live pain-free.

Treat the Source of Your Pain

By treating the source of your pain through soft tissue manipulation, trigger point release and other options available to you, you can reduce muscular imbalances, improve posture, change your work environment, decrease overuse and repetitive use thus alleviating pain.

Various Tools and resources for Self Massage Pain Relief, Massage Tools, Foam Roller, Myofascial Release,Optimize Energy, Inner Strength, Stamina, Balance

My bachelor’s degree is in Personnel and Human Resource Management from the University of Maryland. Human Resources are of paramount importance. But, I look at it differently…not so much as a working resource for their positions and careers, but I lean into the vibration of that persons’ inner resources. What can I do to optimize their personal energetic resources? I focus on that….nurturing the personal structure and energetic resources. I have always loved the human form. Muscles tendons ligaments lymph….the whole package is beautiful. Especially when well taken care of. Sometimes we need help, or we forget how to do that. We feel better when we have some company and guidance. My intention is to remind you of some things you already know, provide information to help you feel better, perhaps surprise you at how much you innately know and understand about your body, guide you via video clips and posts regarding all aspects of Living Well.

Wellness Tips, Living Well Over 40, How to alleviate pain and dysfunction, Treat yourself at home

Nutrition, Supplements, Sensing the Seasons, Leaning into Healing, Diet, Exercise

These are the things that make sense. They are fun, easy, simple ways to feel better. Posts and videos will include information and research that has worked for myself, for my family and friends and for my clients and patients. Subsequently, articles will accompany the videos with anatomy references. Consequently, you will have tools to treat yourself naturally at home.

Empower, Balance, Invite Healing, Safely Create a Balanced Body that is Living Well

Please join me as I share my thoughts, my work, my individual protocol and a host of ways you can treat yourself when there is pain and discomfort. I have studied bodywork for twenty-five years and there have been brilliant people and products leading the way. They will be included. I encourage you to share what you know, your stories and your successes.

All bodywork treatment is performed at


6601 First Avenue N.

St. Petersburg, Florida

$140 per session

License MA 43717

I would like to thank Lloyd Fisher, for all his research, his digging, his efforts toward our mutual love, health, state of mind and well-being. I would also like to thank my daughter, Lucy Ann Bartlett, my son, James and my son-in-law Jason Lee Bartlett. To the basket of LOVE. May it hold all you need, may it receive all you give. And, to my parents Dorothy and James Gundling, my brother Steven and my sister-in-law Karen-thanks for being my best friends.


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