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Zero Balancing

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What is Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing or ZB, is a hands on bodywork system designed to align your energy body with your physical structure. Gentle,  yet powerful, it focuses on your whole person while addressing specific needs. Read more about  Zero Balancing.

Moving Beyond Western Medicine

Eastern concepts of energy and healing are incorporated into a Zero Balancing session. The practitioner works simultaneously with the patient/client’s structure and energy body to bring balance.

Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and pain, bringing you to your true and higher self

The Importance of Balance Between the Structural and Energy Body

Structure of the body and energy of the body work in synchronization. The structural body can be seen and touched. The energy body is seen and unseen movement of tissue (fluids, cellular and molecular vibrations) within the fields of the body and the movement of the life force itself. The energy body affects and can be responsible for moods, emotions and vitality. Changes in these fields of energy may precede illness and disease.

When structure and energy are touched simultaneously, with intention and attention, a deep grounded balance can be achieved. When structure and energy are balanced, pain, dysfunctional habits, erratic emotional patterns and imprints from past traumas tend to release.


Treat Yourself Naturally for Pain Relief

 Function with Ease, Efficiency and Comfort

Life presents us with both positive and negative experiences. We can feel overloaded and overwhelmed.  Zero Balancing creates fulcrums in the bone to allow for smooth, easy, efficient energy flow. The structure recognizes this change and rearranges around the fulcrum. Energy and structure, and their relationship to one another in the body, directly affects our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual function.

Zero Balancing Function with EASE

Promote Maximum Relaxation and a Sense of Well Being

Zero Balancing incorporates a touch known as interface. This touch is pleasant to receive and creates an expanded awareness. Stress and tension melt away. This is an ideal preventive therapy. One can achieve a point of stillness where the mind quiets and the body comes back home to itself. The energy field reorganizes and structure settles.

Promote Optimum Function and Live Well

Zero Balancing is designed to be an adjunct to primary healthcare and will help you stay well as you navigate through difficult and busy periods of life.

Jenny Sprung, Treat Yourself Naturally, Zero Balancing, Balance, Structure, Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, Pain Reduction, Pain Relief

The Developer of Zero Balancing

“Dr. Fritz Frederick Smith was born into a family of touch. His father was a noted chiropractor recognized by the Monterey California Chiropractic Association as ” Chiropractor of the Century “. Dr. Smith received his doctor of osteopathy in 1955 and his doctor of medicine in 1961. During the 60’s and 70’s he went in pursuit of a deeper understanding of illness and health, becoming a student of Rolfing, yoga, meditation and Eastern philosophies. Dr. Smith became a licensed acupuncturist in 1972 and later studied with JR Worsley of the Chinese College of Acupuncture in England, earning both a bachelors and a master’s degree in acupuncture. It was during this time that he experienced intense personal revelations and insights which became the catalysts for his ultimate creation of Zero Balancing in 1975. Fritz Smith has been practicing and teaching Zero Balancing throughout the world for more than 25 years now. He is the author or numerous articles on energy along with the book “Inner Bridges. A Guide to Energy Movement and Body Structure.”


Jenny Sprung, Treat Yourself Naturally Pain Relief, Wellness, Zero Balancing, Structure, Energy

Enhance Your Life and Well-Being Through the Integration of Body Energy and Body Structure

Those with physical pain, stress-related symptoms, or the well person who wishes to stay in good health or someone who may be on a journey of self discovery and actualization can derive benefit from Zero Balancing. Zero Balancing is a holistic therapy. It deals with energy and energy fields directly as well as structure. The balancing processes often release stress before it becomes physically manifested. One can release old or outmoded tissue held patterns and imprints, supporting change and growth in an organic, integrated way. Zero Balancing looks at symptoms and then moves beyond them to address our fundamental nature. 




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