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Self Treatment for Neck Pain

Self Treatment for Neck Pain Self Treatment of the Neck is crucial to the healing process. The neck can be difficult to treat by yourself, but trigger points and painful fascia CAN be released by Treating Yourself Naturally at home. Below are resources you can use at...

Foam Roller For Gluteal Group

Foam Roller For Gluteal Group Pelvic projection is the number one reason for working the glutes. This group of large muscles can also externally rotate the femur. Pain is often felt down the back and side of the leg as well as the buttocks. These strong muscles can...

Vital Organ Massage

Vital Organ Massage Massage Your Viscera Self Massage of the abdominal cavity I have had expert training from Tracy Jones, Randall Clark, Kevin Wade, Paul St. John, Judith Sullivan regarding visceral massage. I have performed this protocol on hundreds of clients. I...


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