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Foam Roller for Gluteal Group

Foam Roller For Gluteal Group

Pelvic projection is the number one reason for working the glutes. This group of large muscles can also externally rotate the femur. Pain is often felt down the back and side of the leg as well as the buttocks. These strong muscles can have a huge effect on the posture and can be the reason for low back pain and sciatic pain. 

In my practice, I have found that the glutes are crucial to release, and can take time. These muscles are large, thick and strong. The tissue can get very tight and spasmodic. Read my article, here, about warm and cold pain relief options.  Find a Neurosomatic Therapist in your area to treat you. That will give you the jump-start you need to create a change in this muscle group. Use the foam roller options to begin to soften the fascia and reduce trigger point pain, before, during and after treatments. It has also been my experience that the Gluteal Group is a fun and rewarding muscle group to Treat Naturally at home using the foam roller.

Foam Roller for Gluteal Group

The Muscles of the Gluteal Group-all are links to informational websites

Foam Roller for Quadraceps Group

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Here is the video presenting Basic Foam Roller Techniques for the Gluteal Group. Go get that foam roller and a tennis ball, racquet ball or lacrosse ball and work out with me!

There are several other Foam Roller, etc Videos that would work well with the Gluteal Group. The Low Back and Quadriceps are presented below.

Below is a Video presented by Tracy Alan Jones, LMT, of Premier Pain Relief. Tracy demonstrates Gluteal Work.

This LINK will take you to the Foam Roller Video presented by Jenny Sprung, LMT for the Gluteal Group and Deep Hip Rotators. Thank you.




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