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Low Back Pain Relief

Foam Roller For Pain Relief

Treat Yourself By Using The Foam Roller

Six years ago a patient came in for treatment very excited about a new form of self trigger point therapy called the Foam Roller. Leaning into healing and learning from each other is paramount in living well and living well over 40. Empowering ourselves to do the work at home and throughout our daily lives will amplify the work we do with alternative therapy practitioners.

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Self Treatment for Injuries

As a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, wellness and nutrition enthusiast, I had experience with the foam roller as a pre or post workout tool. I began to look at it as a self treatment option and researched the results of careful, specific, efficient use of the foam roller to heal from injury, facilitate proper posture and alignment and to balance structure. 

Painful Trigger Point Release

Shoulder Injuries, SI Joint Pain, Upper Back Tightness, Low Back Pain

Patients, clients, friends and family would come in for treatment. The work that I have learned is very good but ultimately the one on the table is investing time, interest, money and trust in the practitioner with high hopes that their wellness goal will be reached. Ideally, painful persistent trigger points need to be treated often, especially in the early stages of injury and rehab. The work done in the practice room is amplified by the sound prescription of homework given to the patient by the practitioner. Tried and true techniques, which are simple, basic and easy to implement can and should be adopted by the patient while they are on the road to healing and recovery.

Foam Roller for Pain Relief, Foam Roller for Glutes, Treat Yourself Naturally at home, Home treatment for low back pain, hamstring, hip pain, foam roller for hipsFoam Roller reduces Painful Trigger Points

The foam roller reduces painful trigger points, increases range of motion, creates length and responsiveness in the fascia allowing the body to move incrementally more freely. Using the foam roller in small segments on a concentrated area will produce results that will build upon the last. 

Foam Roller Techniques and Videos

Through a series of simple videos, guidance has been provided so you may tune in to your body and what it may need to reduce pain in a certain area. Here is a Beginner Foam Roller Video for you to view. Grab your foam roller and go for it!


Additional foam roller techniques, Treat Pain by using the Foam Roller, Tibialis Posterior, Tibialis Anterior, Shin Splints

Myofascial Release

There are other tools that can be used to alleviate and arrest painful trigger points or painful fascia. Tennis balls, pinky balls, racquet balls, lacrosse balls, theraband tubing, smaller trigger point rollers can all be used successfully in many areas of the body that need releasing. Move your body in the right direction by taking the time to address some painful areas on your own.

 Structural Balance

How important is structural balance? Here is an informational video featuring Randall Clark, LMT discussing the importance of structural balance.

Circular Bands Of Fascia

You can be creative while listening to your body, feeling what needs to be released and paying attention to the energy associated with the pain, using your breath in conjunction for a full release.

You will enjoy the increase in communication between the circular bands of fascia throughout the entire body.

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Treat Yourself Naturally with hand finger, thumb and wrist manipulation techniques

Never Ending Circle of Fascia

Your body is like life. It is a never ending circle of fascia that binds muscle, tendons, ligaments, lymph, viscera. When you take the time to connect to your innate ability to heal yourself while smoothing the circular bands of fascia you can alleviate pain and discomfort.You are in charge of your healing. Together we can explore ways to promote healing by treating ourselves naturally together. The techniques, methods, options presented on this site are designed to be a reference guide to treat yourself naturally. They are efficient and effective modalities that have worked for my clients, those we love and ourselves. Grow and share your healing journey.



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