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Head Forward Posture creates body pain and emotional instability

Forward Head Posture

Clients walk into my practice daily with forward head posture. This has become commonplace due to overuse, repetitive use of hand held devices, computers, way too much driving and the stress of modern living.

Folks have to work, they have to drive and they will not give up the computer use, however, they can perform simple corrective exercises to counteract the distortions created by such activities.

Is My Head Forward?

First, look in the mirror. Is your head forward? Is it situated on top of your shoulders? Ask a friend or partner? Is my head forward? Are my ears sticking out well beyond my shoulders? For every inch your (on the average) 12 pound head projects anteriorly (forward), gravity adds pounds to it. And, it becomes really heavy. Throwing everything off.

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Head Forward Posture Creates Distortions

Head Forward Posture creates distortion patterns in your body. Your neck, eyes, jaw, spine, pelvis, legs and arms have to compensate. You roll onto the ball of your feet to balance your body. Your cervical spine (your neck) is extended and your thoracic spine (body) becomes flexed, and your pelvis becomes extended. Your cervical muscles are working overtime, straining, to hold your head up.

Head Forward Position Strains the Cervical Spine

Head forward position can add extra pounds of abnormal pull and strain on the cervical spine. This will put your spine out of alignment. Your lungs will be compressed. Your gastointestinal system will be compromised. This strain on the muscles, ligaments, fascia, bone, disks and vertebrae can lead to pain, degeneration and early aging.

Jenny Sprung, Treat Yourself Naturally Pain Relief, Balance, Structure, Wellness, Nutrition, Posture, Balance, Head Forward Posture, Head Forward Position

Head Forward Posture Adversely Affects Thinking

Vital nerves run through the cervical vertebrae. These nerves govern digestion, heartrate among many other things. If the cervical vertebrae are out of alignment it can affect your sleep, can cause nausea and can affect your thinking. Head forward posture can develop kinks in the vascular, nervous and lymphatic system flowing to the brain!

How to correct head forward posture, how to reduce

Keeping the Eyes on the Horizon

Every inch your head projects forward, gravity adds more weight to it. Your cranium, eyes, jaw, neck, torso and legs have to compensate. Weight rocks forward on to the balls of the feet. Your toes begin to grip. Hammer toes and bunions begin to form. Many parts of the body have to overwork to hold the head up. Keeping the eyes on the horizon is a human trait. The body will do all it can to keep these eyes in alignment.

Click here for more information regarding Head Forward Posture.

Head Forward Posture can negatively affect respiration and circulation

Jenny Sprung, Treat Yourself Naturally Pain Relief, Balance, Structure, Wellness, Nutrition, Posture, Balance, Head Forward Posture, Head Forward Position

Corrective Measures for Head Forward Posture  

What can you do about it?

  • Educate yourself and Find an Integrative Neurosomatic Therapist.
  • Stand against a wall with your heels, bottom, back, shoulders and head against the wall. This give you a sense of proper alignment and allows you to feel the head on top of the shoulders.
  • Check your head position and alignment in the mirror.
  • Check your gait in a mirror.
  • Lie down on the floor and press the back of the head into the floor, gently. Don’t overdo it, but just feel the muscles working.
  • Reduce your driving. Ha!
  • Reduce your computer use. Double Ha!
  • Stretch your neck in these eight neck positions.
  • Do not use a large pillow under your head and neck when you sleep. A very slim pillow or a soft towel keeps the neck and head in the appropriate position. Try not to fall asleep with your head way up on a bunch of pillows. The Bucky Pillow is an excellent choice.
  • Stretch your neck in these eight neck positions.
    • Look Up and Look down
    • Bobble Head which is a rocking of the head
    • Egyptian Head which is projecting the chin forward and back
    • Ear to Shoulder
    • Turn head right and left
    • Chin to right shoulder and chin to left shoulder

The Bucky Pillow is an excellent sleep aid tool to alleviate head forward posture

Best Foot Forward, Reduce Foot Pain by evaluating your postureCoronal Plane

Here is a video featuring Brunella Lucchi, LMT. Brunella discusses tips for a stronger posture: Coronal Plane.

Exercises that can open the front body

Yoga, PilatesAlexander Technique are conscious, mindful posture based alignment resources. Always start very slow and do the minimum. Below is a beginning exercise I recommend to my clients. If you dont have a physio ball you can roll up a towel and place it just below the shoulder blades perpendicular to the body and lie down on it, opening up the chest and placing the arms way out to the side palms up.

An excellent exercise for extending the spine

Wellness Tips, Living Well Over 40, How to alleviate pain and dysfunction, Treat yourself at homePositively affect Body Pain

Positively affect the pain associated with Head Forward Posture. By correcting these postural distortions  you can positively affect disability, back and leg pain, neck pain, jaw pain, eye pain, SI nerve root function, SI pain, Head pain and overall body pain. You will feel stronger and the overall flow of energy through your body will be balanced and smooth.





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