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Self Treatment of Myofascial Pain

Injuries involve connective tissue and fascia

Injuries involve connective tissue and fascia. Fascia is your body’s communication pathway and provides stabilization for the muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments, bones, brain and vital organs.

Fascia is Everywhere

Fascia is Everywhere. It is a network of support for your body. By treating yourself naturally through self healing and self help myofascial techniques you can remain resilient, adaptable and strong.

Best Foot Forward, Reduce Foot Pain by evaluating your postureStructure, Gait, Posture, Alignment

Structure, Gait, Posture and Alignment will benefit from the simplest myofascial release techniques. From conscious careful stretching to simple precise manual manipulation, you can create space for your structure to realign, to become even and balanced. Your structure prefers good alignment and is built to accomplish this task. However, day to day overuse and repetitive motion bind fascia which creates pain and discomfort.

Strong, Balanced, Coordinated Muscle System

Balance your structure and energy so that the body finds its way back to its optimal alignment.

Freedom from pain, Wellness, Empower yourself to healRelease Strain and Pain

Release strain and pain from misalignment of bones, joints, connective tissue due to overuse, repetitive use or injury. Create an aligned and free posture and an energetic gait so that the vertical skeleton is stable, supported and strong.

Jenny Sprung treats myofascial pain

Jenny Sprung has produced videos as a service to illustrate how one can amplify healing and empower themselves. Treat Yourself  is a resource guide to self treatment for pain, discomfort, trigger points and myofascial pain.

See Videos on You Tube by Jenny Sprung and Treat Yourself Naturally. com, Treat Yourself Naturally. org, Treat Yourself Naturally. net and Treat Yourself Naturally. info.

The information shared is designed to supplement your treatment by your Medical Doctor, Physician, Chiropractor, Structural Therapist, Integrative Neurosomatic Therapist, Physical Therapist, Acupuncturist, etc.


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