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Vital Organ Massage can reduce body pain, visceral massage, self visceral massageVital Organ Massage

Massage Your Viscera

Self Massage of the abdominal cavity

I have had expert training from Tracy Jones, Randall Clark, Kevin Wade, Paul St. John, Judith Sullivan regarding visceral massage. I have performed this protocol on hundreds of clients. I often suggest to my clients that they gently work their organs at home. These simple techniques can assist in pain relief and healing from visceral – somatic response and somatic – visceral response.

Vital Organ Massage can reduce body pain, visceral massage, self visceral massageVisceral – Somatic and Somatic – Visceral Response

There are times when an organ has been injured, traumatized,  developing trigger point that can refer into muscle tissue. Visceral responses are felt in the low back, thoracic spine, mid back, ribs and pelvis. Muscular imbalances can refer into the vital organs. Organs can affect muscle and muscle can affect organs. For example, a car accident, a bad fall and certain repetitive activities can result in whiplash of the vital organs within the abdominal cavity.


Simple Self Visceral Manipulation Video

Self Massage of the visceral is an opportunity for you to connect with your vital organs. The beginner techniques found in this video are comforting, gentle and easy to perform. You will learn about the four quadrants and approximate organ location. Remember that working the abdominal area in a counterclockwise motion generally loosens tissue. Working the abdominal area in a clockwise position generally tightens.

Vital Organ Massage can reduce body pain, visceral massage, self visceral massageGetting Started

Tune in to your favorite music, grab some organic oil and lie down on a mat with your knees bent. Breathe deeply, inhaling for 2 to 4 counts and exhaling twice as long, 4 to 8 counts, respectively. And follow the Self Visceral Manipulation Video. In a month I will present the next step so that you may address specific areas and issues in your vital organs.

Structures to Examine and Palpate

  • Examine the four quadrants
  • Superficial abdominals-Entire abdominal area, stretch and pull the abdominal skin, performing simple myo fascial release
  • Omentum-Entire abdominal area, great and lesser, is your organs shock absorber and protection. It wards off infection and is considered the brain of the gut. Continue stretching and pulling the skin in the abdominal area.
  • Large Intestine-Lower left quadrant, mid region and low right quadrant, refers into shoulder, back and groin- The Large intestine (the Ileocecal valve) can produce groin pain, nausea and occasional vomiting. Any self massage you can perform will address concerns in this area.
  • Small intestine-Lower right and left quadrant, 20 feet long in the center, refers into the low back. Four fingers gather and gently press in small intestine area. When you find a tight spot move your hand/fingers in a counterclockwise position.
  • Stomach-Left upper quadrant into mid line of upper abdominals, 12 inches long and 6 inches at the widest point. refers into esophagus, cardiac area, thoracic spine and back.
  • Liver-upper right (gall bladder tucked inside of it) refers in right shoulder, frozen shoulder, mid thoracic pain. gall bladder pain is usually localized (right at the gall bladder).
  • Pancreas-Upper left quadrant and mid abdominal area, located behind the stomach close to the small intestine . can cause nausea, stomach pain, back pain, lung and chest wall pain.
  • Spleen-near pancreas and refers into the shoulder and kidneys.
  • Yoga breath can be used to release lungs.

Below is my Video presenting Simple, Basic Manual Manipulation of the Superficial Abdominals and the Vital Organs. This is the Beginner Video. Intermediate and advanced Videos are forthcoming. Enjoy this gentle, light and easy self massage.


Here is a link to another explanation of Visceral Manipulation.

Here is the LINK to my video presenting simple, basic self manipulation techniques of your vital organs.




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