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Foam Roller for Quadraceps Group

Foam Roller for Quadraceps Groups

The Quadraceps Group is the number one indicator in Pelvic Flexion. The origin of this strong muscle group can pull on rhe pelvis creating pelvic flexion (anteversion). This can result in low back pain, pelvic pain, hip pain, sacrum, SI pain and more.

The Quadraceps group can also pull too much on the knee, creating imbalances in that hinge joint.

Foam Roller for Quadraceps Group

The Muscles-All Listed are Links to Photos and Information


Utilizing the foam roller for pain relief, to release trigger points, to release fascia

Using the Foam Roller

These VIDEOS produced by Jenny Sprung, LMT, show basic, easy to follow foam roller techniques for the Quadracep Group. Use it in conjunction with the Low Back VIDEO and the Glute VIDEO to release painful trigger points and soften fascia to facilitate proper posture, gait and alignment.


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