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Genetically Modified Organisms are Dangerous

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)

Scientist from the Food and Drug Administraton warned, repeatedly, that Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) are dangerous and can cause health problems. Since their introduction in the mid 90’s there have been sharp increases in disorders of the digestive system and childhood issues.

What is a GMO?

GMO’s are the result of laboratory processes where genes from one species are forced into the DNA of other plants and animals.

Genetically Modified Organisms are DangerousTwo Main Types of GMO’s

Herbicide Tolerant-made to withstand and grow in high toxic environments (weed killers) These toxins (such as Round Up) are linked to birth defects, cancer, hormone disruption and more. They end up INSIDE our food.

Engineered to Produce Their Own Insecticide-the second group is engineered to produce their own insecticide (poisonous) in every cell. Such as corn and soy. One insecticide called Bt-toxin bursts open the stomach of certain insects and kills them.


The Institute for Responsible Technology provides educational information. Please check out their LINK HERE.

Dr. Michelle Perro, MD, Pediatric Emergency Physician by Training. She is alarmed about the topic of GMO’s. Please check out her You Tube videos HERE.

Here is a LINK to Dr. Bernhoft, MD, Surgeon and the President of AA of Environmental Medicine, where he discusses health and GMO’s and what he is seeing in his practice.

Emily Lindner, MD also talks about GMO’s and her practice. Check out this LINK.

There are two CD’s that are informative regarding the dangers of GMO’s. They are Genetic Roulette and Don’t Put That In Your Mouth.

The research done indicates a RISK to animals and humans.  These items are BANNED in Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Infants and Children

Infants and children are more susceptible because their blood brain barriers are not fully developed. They eat more, metabolize faster, and food allergies increase and run rampant.

Genetically Modified Organisms are DangerousGMO’s are in Infant Formula

  • Similac Soy 42%
  • Enfamil Pro Soybee 49%
  • Walmart Soy 66%
  • Gerber Start Soy 48%

The Government WIC Program distributes FREE to 2 MILLION moms in 50 states. They distribute ONLY GMO Brands.

Genetically Modified Organisms are Dangerous

GMO’s can also be found in cereal.

  • Kix Cornpuffs 56%
  • Kashi Go Lean 100%

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine

The American Academy of Environmental Medicine states that GMO’s affect

  • Infertility
  • Immunity
  • Aging
  • Insulin
  • Major Organs
  • Gastrointestinal Health

Avoid GMO’s

Avoid GMO’s by utilizing the non GMO shopping guide found on this LINK. You can also find the ShopNoGMO App for your phone which can tell you, while you are shopping, what items are at risk and alternative items to choose at this LINK.

Genetically Modified Organisms are DangerousGenetically Modified Organisms are Dangerous

There are nine (9) Genetically Modified Food Crops

  • Soy
  • corn
  • canola
  • cottonseed
  • sugar beets
  • Hawaiian Papaya
  • Some Zucchini
  • Some Yellow Squash

Animals are fed GMO’s

If you eat meat, you may be ingesting genetically modified organisms. GMO’s are fed to animals that provide MEAT, MILK and EGGS.


The Non GMO Project is an excellent source of clear, concise, research and information regarding GMO’s. Where they can be found, where they are hidden and how to avoid them. Here is the LINK for that website.

Thank you for your time, attention and deep consideration. Be a Wise One!






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