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Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and pain, bringing you to your true and higher self


Master Choi Kok Sui Meditation of Twin Hearts and Pranic Healing

I am not one to sit and meditate. I am on the go. For years I used outdoor fitness and sports, hiking, biking, rowing, walking and running, etc as my meditation. As I have aged, I find that it is pleasant to sit, breath and practice meditation. This is one two meditations I do throughout the year. Most of the time I modify it and do a portion thereof. Often I only do a small amount of the exercises given prior to the meditation. The meditation takes about 35 minutes.

Meditation can reduce stress, anxiety and pain, bringing you to your true and higher selfMaster Choi Kok Sui is a dear soul. I can tell just from listening to him. The meditation is attractive to me due to its dedication to the earth and humanity. He leads you through the entire meditation with purpose, kindness, compassion and love. Grounding Heart and Crown Center, filling them with loving kindness then blessing humanity and the earth with the loving kindness you generate from your Heart and Crown Center. This meditation leaves me settled, content with direction and purpose. It makes me feel younger. It reduces perceived body pain. It softens stress. It allows me to breath fully and gives me earth energy and  a heightened awareness of the precious life that surrounds me. It is a part of my spiritual growth.You will find that it increases illumination and world consciousness. Here is the link for the CD.

Making Love and Healing with the Chakras




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