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Treatment Description

Treatment consists of measurement and manual manipulation. Consultations are by phone. Consults will be tailored to discuss your needs and advise you of home treatment options or to refer you to a good therapist in your area. If you live near St. Petersburg Florida, please come and see me for treatment.

I have developed a unique form of bodywork. It is a culmination of anatomy, postural assesment, gait analysis, effective technique, efficient practice, mutual learning, intuitive work, study and research.  I work with structure and energy in high regard.  I observe clients as they enter the room. I measure them, noting anatomical and structural distortions that create imbalance, pain and discomfort. I reduce or eliminate subtle proprioceptive mechanisms and fixations thus reducing imbalances, distortions,pain and discomfort. Trigger points are released allowing energy to flow efficiently and structure to align. Fascia is softened so alignment occurs naturally. I note energetic levels and address deficiencies. A deep balance is achieved. Pain is relieved. Structure is aligned. Posture and Gait synchronized. Each treatment is tailored to the individual. For full credential listing click HERE.


60-75 minutes – $150.00- check, Zelle only


Jenny is taking a sabbatical for remainder of 2022.



Please click HERE to read more about my practice, my philosophy and my credentials.

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