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 Nrf2 Activation, Free Radicals and Pain Relief

Have you heard of Nrf2 activation?

It is one of the most promising scientific breakthroughs in the history of health.

It is a new pathway discovered by scientists that turn back the clock on aging and wakes up our body’s ability to stay healthy.

Nrf2 Activation, Free Radicals and Pain ReliefFree Radicals

Free radicals are naturally occurring molecules that can cause serious damage to your body. If free radicals are allowed to overwhelm the body’s ability to fight or process them, they can adversely alter lipids, proteins and DNA, triggering a number of health concerns.

Nrf2 Activation

By discovering Nrf2 Activation, scientists have made a remarkable breakthrough that promises to give our body a natural aid in the fight against free radicals by stimulating antioxidant production and by waking up the body’s ability to stay healthy.

Understanding Nrf2 Activation

Nrf2 activation begins with the understanding of how oxidative stress, caused by free radicals, affects your body. Free radicals are a natural result of the metabolic processes. Under normal circumstances the body produces antioxidants capable of neutralizing free radicals and limiting the damage they can do to our cells. It is a bit like each individual cell of the body has a built in factory that produces enough antioxidants to keep the free radicals under control. However, exposure to X-Rays, ozone, cigarette smoke, air pollution, industrial chemicals and inflammation can overwhelm the body’s natural responses to free radicals allowing them to damage the cells. Over time the damage done to our cells and to our DNA turns off the power in the cell’s factory and reduces our ability to create antioxidants. leaving us vulnerable to premature aging and health concerns.

Turn the Power Back On

Fortunately we have the ability to turn the power back on.

Nrf2 Activation, Free Radicals and Pain Relief

Master Regulator

Nrf2 is a protein messenger that binds itself to DNA and it is a master regulator of the body’s aging process. Through the study of nutrigenomics scientists have discovered that certain phytochemicals found naturally in foods turn on our ability to create antioxidants which combat aging and preserve health. Nrf2 instructs our cells to do what they are already designed to do. When activated it enters the nucleus of a cell and up-regulates ‘survival genes’ that enable cells to survive free radicals and other oxidants. It also down-regulates genes that disrupt the body from functioning at an optimal level.

Nrf2 Activation, Free Radicals and Pain ReliefMore Information Regarding Nrf2

Developed by Lifevantage, Protandim is an optimal blend of phytochemicals present in foods like Turmeric and Green Tea and is formulated to turn on the Nrf2 biochemical switch that creates and releases the antioxidants our body needs to fight free radicals.

Nrf2 Activation, Free Radicals and Pain ReliefPubMed Studies

In just the past ten years researchers have published more than 500 studies about the power of Nrf2 to activate your body’s natural response to fight free radicals.

One recent peer review study from Washington State University calls ‘Nrf2’ activation one of the most extraordinary therapeutic and preventative breakthroughs in the history of medicine.

Exciting Breakthrough

It is exciting to see how the power of this breakthrough has begun to create healthier lives and it will continue to so so in the years to come.


Written by Brunella Lucchi, LMT. 

Brunella Lucchi is an Integrated Neurosomatic Therapist who trained with Paul St. John, a Pioneer in the field of soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Presently, she is part of the team of therapists who share Paul’s Philosophy and approach when it comes to helping people in pain. 
She was introduced to the Nrf2 technology by Paul himself who had been sharing it with most of his patients, obtaining  phenomenal results.
Brunella is extremely passionate about this incredible breakthrough and she is eager to share it with anyone who value their Health and want to pursue their dreams. 
If you have questions or would like to learn more about Protandim and all the other category creating and life changing products, feel free to call her at 917-312-6488 or send her an email at   




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