Faustian Bargain, Lloyd Fisher talks about pain relief

Faustian Bargain, Lloyd Fisher talks about pain reliefIron Man Injuries

I have been an Neuromuscular Therapist for 22 years and a personal trainer for 35 years. I trained and completed the Iron Man in Hawaii in 1982. An undetected leg length inequality and many metholation snips combined with the intense training, high carbohydrate/low fat diet destroyed my health I injured myself.

Low Back Pain ReliefLow Back Pain Relief

Problems Developed

The training, postural distortions and mitochondrial issues along with thyroid issues created lethary, depression, fatigue, body pain (fibromyalgia) and anxiety.

Paul St. John

Thankfully, I found Paul St. John and he, along with Randall Clark, Tracy Jones and Kevin Wade kept me from seeking narcotics. The Neuromuscular and Neurosomatic Therapy invented by Paul St. John afforded me a clear and precise mind to do further research on this and many other subjects. I was able to find alternative modalities to alleviate pain. However, manual therapy could only take me so far. It never prevented an injury from training. It only alleviated them. I was still motivated to find another therapy. Pain relief was realized but tenuous, dependent upon the next therapy.

Jack Kruse

Four or five years ago i found a controversial, health visionary named Jack Kruse. Following his modalities and insights and recommendations i have been able to prevent as well as alleviate injury, mild depression and anxiety, aches, pains, spasms, fatigue, thyroid issues and seasonal effective disorder. This LINK will take you to a PODCAST presented by Dr. Jack Kruse.

faustian bargain by lloyd fisher electron flowElectron Flow In The Body

Both Jack and Paul concentrate on electron flow in the body. Paul accomplishes this with a keen eye for postural distortions, his ingenious treatment protocol that is efficient and effective, and his thumb. Jack accomplishes this by amazing research about harnessing the energy of the sun. Jacks protocol takes more time but it is less expensive. Most importantly, you CAN DO IT YOURSELF.

Faustian Bargain, Lloyd Fisher talks about pain relief

Harness the Energy of the Sun

Find out how easy it is to feel well. The first agenda item is to directly harness the sun’s energy through the photo electric affect. The second is harnessing the magnetic force of the earth. This is the Schumann Resonance. The third big chunk is utilizing the ancient mammalian ability to generate heat from being cold adapted. Cooling the skin also increases its ability to absorb the sun’s rays. The fourth would be a dietary regime emphasizing massive amounts of seafood containing DHA and eating seasonally. More DHA increases the ability to do cold Therapy and to be cold adaptive. More DHA increases  the skins ability to absorb the sun.

Safe, Simple, Easy Advice

Following this advice safe and easy. These unconventional therapies will lower the dependence on drugs and takes away the reliance on unhealthy options. This sounds ‘way out’ but in reality quite practical and fairly simple. It is only ‘way out’ because we think healing is medical. Simple, being defined as getting plenty of sun during the day, being awake during the day light hours and sleeping a very dark room all night long.

Faustian Bargain, Lloyd Fisher talks about pain relief

Avoid all Artificial Light after Dark

Avoiding all artificial light after dark is one of the healthiest decisions and activities you can adopt. Seek sunlight out through the daylight hours.

Grounding and Taking time to yourself, enjoying the pause, resting the body creates wellness, reduces anxiety and lifts the spiritGrounding

Grounding and earthing facilitate optimal health and well living. You bare skin must contact the earth. No chemicals involved. No plastic involved. Ground as much as you ca,n whenever you can, wherever you can.

Cold Therapy can be done at home. It reduces pain and inflammation and feels really good!Cold Adaptive

You can generate heat from being cold by becoming cold adaptive. To become cold adaptive stay tuned for future posts and articles.





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